Jacquelyn Chow is Chinese|Burmese-American fashion designer based in Paris and San Francisco.Growing up with a Fine Arts/Illustration background Jacquelyn decided to move to Paris at the age of 18. After completing her four years in university, she graduated from École Parsons à Paris/Paris College of Art in 2015 with a BFA in Fashion Design. She has been trained under prestigious designers such as YiQing Yin, Kenzo, Masha Ma, and Alexander Wang before launching her own label.

In 2015, Jacquelyn  received the Golden Thimble 2015 for Best Degree Collection, presented by Hervé L. Leroux for her collection exploring the theme Anonymity. During the Fall of 2015, Jacquelyn was selected to premiered her collection at the Whos Next Trade show. The collections of 15 graduated students from prestigious fashion schools were showcased at WHO’S NEXT & PREMIERE CLASSE next trade show during a catwalk show on Friday, Sept. 4th 2015. Winter of 2016, the brand was selected to premiere at New York Fashion Week 2016 at Chelsea White Space. She has also showcased her collection in the Middle Eastern and European market to private buyers.

Style & Quality: 

"JACQUELYNCHOW  is a sustainable and ethical fashion brand, presenting her newest collection of loosely tailored garments and modern embroidery. She emphasizes loungewear comfort and balances it with graceful construction, while her embroidered  denim jackets bring a clean, vintage vibrancy that signals the creator's unique modern edge."
Her collections embody a subtle, fluid elegance of quiet luxury. Her approach to design involves a sensible exploration of self identity. Her concepts are based on the psychological behaviors between the mind and the body.

Sustainability is What We Stand For: 

JACQUELYNCHOW STUDIO is a bespoke luxury womenswear brand. Everything is handcrafted in our studio.

Sustainable and ethical fashion are important factors in her work. Here at Jacquelyn Chow, our items are made to order. We produce items locally in our studio and we do our best, but are not limited to using sustainable materials such as (organic cotton, hemp, soy, bamboo). We utilize small scale and local production in San Francisco. Our clothing is made to last and each piece hand crafted from a small team of professionals. We also practice in recycling our scrap textile material so it can be used to be made into different finishings for our collections. We also take any unused scraps to donate to be used as insulation.


Please be patient with us on your orders. We are a small team and it takes us approximately a week to prepare and ship out our garments to you.